A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Who knew the Beautiful Game could cause a war? Kick, shoot, and sprint your way to peace by keeping the score tied up before the clock runs out and prevent a war between Hell Salvador and Hondurance.


The year is 1970 and tensions between Hell Salvador and Hondurance are at a boiling point. Even the smallest provocation could push the countries into all-out war. You're the last hope for peace and your only option is some grade-A ball-kicking. 

 Navigate the football gauntlet to tie up the game before the timer runs out. Godspeed, soldier!

100% accurate depiction of actual historical event: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_War

Default Controls

Z: Sprint

X: Shoot gun (when holding)

C: Kick

Arrow keys / WASD: Movement

Escape / P: Pause game

Game made in two weeks for the Awful Winter Jam 2018: http://www.awfuljams.com/winter-2018


FootballWar1.1.zip 43 MB