Try your hand at the fast-paced, cut-throat world of laundry. Dirty clothes in, clean clothes out. That's the one simple rule that guides you as you attempt to survive the spin cycle of life.

Game made in two weeks for the Unity Course Community Jam.


Z: Activate items

X: Drop items while carrying

C: Sprint

Arrow keys / WASD: Movement

Escape / P: Pause game


  • Select the ticket to start the order
  • Grab the clothes and stick them in the washer (machine with red button)
  • Add the correct detergent from the ticket on the right - plain (orange), natural (green), and heavy duty (blue)
  • Start the washer
  • When completed, load into dryer (machine with green button) and start
  • If ticket specifies ironing in the task list, activate through iron
  • When clean / ironed, select the register to check out the clothing
  • After completing the ticket, a new one will appear - click to activate
  • Become the best laundry employee and get a high score!


All programming and art created by yours truly, Ghost Dad. Font, music, and sounds provided by various creative common creators. Here they are:

Music via free music archive artist RoccoW:

Washing / Drying machine sounds via

Font by Daniel Linssen:

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 39 MB